In the following medical specialties, please type the names of the doctors you wish to nominate as Top Doctors. You are allowed to nominate three DIFFERENT doctors per specialty. If a doctor's name is repeated in a specialty it will only be counted as one vote. Also, you are not required to fill out all three fields per specialty to have your votes count--you may nominate one, two or three doctors.

Please list first and last names; there’s no need to include M.D. or other initials. Make sure to click the red vote button next to the write-in field to submit your vote for each specialty.

Nominations in the Service to Community and Service to Profession categories will be considered for special recognition in Madison Magazine.

Please note that if you are not a Madison-area M.D. or D.O., you are not eligible to take the Top Doctors survey.

If you have any questions regarding the Top Doctors survey, please contact Shayna Mace at


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